The overarching objective of the BRAINFOOD cluster is to ultimately positively impact on brain health by improving nutrition of European citizens based upon fundamental insights in the bidirectional links between brain health and nutrition. In line with the EBRA concept, it is our mission to work together, synergistically and in a coordinated and non-fragmented manner, to specifically identify knowledge gaps and priorities in ways that can impact on the societal challenge of improving brain health through nutrition. At all levels, and where possible, gender will be taken into account.

BRAINFOOD aims to:

  • Stimulate the development of novel concepts that support design of foods/beverages for brain health.

  • Provide new opportunities and incentives for scientists to bridge the gap in knowledge of how nutrition impacts on brain health.

  • Stimulate the interest of funders (including industry) in supporting development of specific nutritions for target life stage groups (elderly, new-born, people at risk to develop mood (and other mental) disorders.

  • Provide an exchange platform (knowledge and know-how) on how to address key questions and foster new collaborations based on the collective expertise of our group.

  • Provide a knowledge base that can be used not only by the scientific community but also for all stakeholders that seek precise knowledge (separating fact from fiction) about the evidence base on how foods impact on brain health. These include the Food industry, Health care professionals, journalists, Public Health institutions, academia (seek funding for PhD students), policy makers and patient organizations. Social media will be exploited to develop targeted information that could reach all of the above mentioned categories, in addition to the general public (this could be achieved, e.g. by having an ad hoc twitter account that could be used as a platform to disseminate results and key messages on nutrition and health).

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The table below describes participants, selected because of their complimentary roles and expertise. BRAINFOOD has experts in clinical trials and interventions, epidemiology (including longitudinal studies), genetics, psychiatry, nutrition, metabolomics, brain imaging, preclinical behavioural models (including disease), pharmacology, studies in early life and in ageing, consumer behaviour, public health intervention studies, health policy, artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the help of organization such as the European Brain Council, we also aim to link in new members linked to advocacy and policy.

Partners Institute Country
Prof Roger Adan University Medical School Utrecht The Netherlands
Prof Suzanne Dickson University of Gothenburg Sweden
Dr Francesca Cirulli Instituto Superiore di Sanita, Rome Italy
Prof Jan Buitelaar Radbound University Nijmegen The Netherlands
Dr Tony Goldstone Imperial College London UK
Prof Beate Herpertz- Dahlmann University of Aachen Germany
Prof John Cryan University of Cork Ireland
Prof Louise Dye University of Leeds UK
Prof Gary Frost University College London UK
Prof Philip Gorwood Paris Descartes University France
Dr Odile Viltart Paris Descartes University France
Prof Suzanne Higgs University of Birmingham UK
Prof Johannes Hebebrand University of Duisburg-Essen Germany
Prof Lars Libuda University of Duisburg-Essen Germany
Prof Ute Nothlings University of Bonn Germany
Prof Jannus Harro University of Tartu Estonia
Dr Jose Manuel Fernandez-Real University of Girona Spain
Prof Eline Van der Beek Danone Nutricia Research Utrecht & University of Groningen The Netherlands
Prof Lora Heisler University of Aberdeen UK
Dr Aniko Korosi University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
Prof Alex Johnstone University of Aberdeen UK
Prof Lucia Reisch Column 2 Value 22 Denmark

For more information about BRAINFOOD-cluster members, click here.

European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) network:

 The BRAINFOOD cluster is also involved in the ECNP network: Nutrition Network.

ECNP Networks bring together researchers with different expertise across Europe to foster successful collaboration and sharing of ideas, discoveries and practices in translational neuroscience. The overarching aim of ECNP Networks is to facilitate the collection of essential biological, clinical and therapeutic data in a standardised way to guarantee their robustness, reproducibility and translatability.

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