Overarching aims of the PSMD cluster include fostering collaboration and gathering of experts on a determinate topic, organising and promoting several Network meetings, providing administrative support, facilitating dialogue with the stakeholders, supporting grant applications and dissemination of the results of funded projects. The PSMD cluster will promptly respond to the European funding initiatives in the field of severe mental disorders. For example, it aligns with the European Commission’s ROAMER (A Roadmap for Mental Health Research in Europe). The PSMD cluster is highly multidisciplinary and includes basic researchers, psychiatrists, psychologists and neuroscientists. Further multidisciplinary collaborations have been established with industrial agencies and charities.

The European sites included in the PSMD are centres of excellence in the prevention of severe mental disorders, promotion of good mental health, with specific expertise in psychosis, depression and bipolar disorders research, and are part of this network with the following shared goals:

  • Facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration, knowledge and data sharing, building on existing ECNP Networks and Thematic Working Groups to support innovative translational research, from basic to clinical and public health research, for the benefit of patients, focusing on the transdiagnostic disease-modifying prevention of severe mental disorders and improved care for established bipolar disorders.

  • Standardise core assessment, outcome measures and interventional research strategies for the promotion of good mental health in Europe.

  • Create a common computerized research database enabling multinational data management on severe mental disorders.

  • Use the available expertise to design and conduct research protocols on severe mental disorders.

  • Promote clinical research partnerships across disciplines and sectors, including public-private partnerships, in particular with pharmaceutical industries, charities and the public on severe mental disorders.

  • Produce consensus papers and dissemination of clinical and basic research on severe mental disorders.

  • Apply for European grant funding and produce research reports to disseminate the findings of the PSMD cluster in international journals.

  • Disseminate a preventive culture in clinical psychiatry.

  • Translate research into improved healthcare for severe mental disorders.

The members of the PSMD cluster are prominent researchers with specialist skills in genetics, neuroimaging, pharmacogenomics, neuropsychopharmacology, longitudinal clinical research, clinical prediction modelling, multisite and international research, experimental therapeutics, whose collaborative efforts have already provided the scientific community with advancements in the development of prevention models for severe mental disorders as well as in knowledge of the neurobiological underpinnings of established bipolar disorders. These experts are part of the ECNP funded Prevention of Mental Disorders and Mental Health Promotion Network (ECNP-PMD-MHP, lead Paolo Fusar-Poli) as well as of the ECNP Bipolar Disorders Network (ECNP-BDN, lead Ole A. Andreassen).

A series of four events will be run

European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) network:

 The Prevention of Severe Mental Disorders (PSMD) cluster consists of 2 ECNP networks: the  Prevention of Mental Disorders and Mental Health Promotion Network (PMD-MHP) and the Bipolar Disorders Networks.

ECNP Networks bring together researchers with different expertise across Europe to foster successful collaboration and sharing of ideas, discoveries and practices in translational neuroscience. The overarching aim of ECNP Networks is to facilitate the collection of essential biological, clinical and therapeutic data in a standardised way to guarantee their robustness, reproducibility and translatability.

Interested in PSMD-CLUSTER? Please contact ebra@braincouncil.eu for more information.