The first event is a meeting of EPI-CLUSTER’s leadership with external stakeholders. It is intended to be a “consensus workshop”. The objective is to bring together the original leadership group from EPI-CLUSTER with other leaders of other epilepsy research projects, leading scientists addressing challenges of big data and translational research, industry partners and patient representatives.

Proposed Agenda for first meeting of EPI-CLUSTER

The meeting will take place of June 17th 2020, beginning after lunch. The afternoon will start with short introductions to the European Brain Research Area (EBRA), the Horizon2020 project supporting EPICLUSTER, and an overview of the main priorities of EPICLUSTER. After that, we ask each invited expert and participant to provide their feedback, advice and suggestions. The intention is to listen to your guidance, identify key roadblocks as well as opportunities. Also, to hear of patients and their carers on their priorities as well as the view from industry.

The objective is to reach a consensus, or a “memorandum of understanding” between the various stakeholders that includes an agreement on actions and priorities and a commitment to work together to achieve these with maximal participation from as many stakeholders as possible.