Accelerating Patient Involvement in European Epilepsy Research

With the overarching goal of showcasing ways and best practices for bringing people with epilepsy and researchers to work together on common ground, this EPICLUSTER event aims to unveil the opportunities arising from patient involvement in epilepsy research. The workshop will begin with an overview of definitions, trends, and key themes around PPI and how they can successfully advance epilepsy research. Hints and case histories will lead participants to learn the “why”, “how”, and “what” of patient involvement in research.


• Understanding the potential of PPI in epilepsy research

• Learning how epilepsy researchers can work with people with epilepsy and their representatives

• Envisioning the way forward: how to incorporate patient involvement into epilepsy research so to fundamentally change the way policy-makers, funders, and regulators view epilepsy


This event is designed to encourage researchers to learn about PPI and how to begin to integrate it into their research programs. It is relevant to students, postdocs, and faculty. People with lived experience of Epilepsy interested in getting involved with research teams are welcome to attend.

New to PPI? Please find more general info here.