Following the January 1 cluster call deadline, EBRA is pleased to confirm the addition of two new clusters: BRAINFOOD and Trisomy21.

BRAINFOOD aims to positively impact brain health by improving nutrition of European citizens based upon fundamental insights in the bidirectional links between brain health and nutrition, with a mission to synergistically and in a coordinated and non-fragmented manner, to specifically identify knowledge gaps and priorities in ways that can impact on the societal challenge of improving brain health through nutrition.

Trisomy21’s aim is to establish a collaborative framework for the coordinated actions of Down syndrome research in Europe by expanding existing European networks to promote coordination and collaboration among European scientists belonging to these research networks and share common projects with the goal of understanding disorders of the developing brain leading to intellectual disabilities such as DS.

Learn more about these two clusters, as well as the two ongoing clusters, Epi-cluster and PSMD, by visiting the cluster-dedicated section of the EBRA website.

The last call for EBRA clusters is currently underway. If you want to apply as a cluster, you have time until 1 September – further details here.