The primary objective of EPICLUSTER is to establish a collaborative framework for the coordinated actions of epilepsy research in Europe, based around shared partnerships and research priorities.

Key objectives are:

  • Maintaining the cooperation started under EpiXchange that brought together several large-scale epilepsy research projects and bring in new partnerships/projects and stakeholders

  • Agree shared priorities and work toward addressing these including in the area of (1) data sharing (large scale sequencing, preclinical, clinical data), (2) preclinical studies and improving translation, (3) access and sharing of research infrastructures and training.

  • Develop and pursue funding of joint research programmes of scale in Europe and beyond.

The Cluster’s leadership team is comprised of 10 internationally recognized scientists and clinicians in the field and the leaders of the seven projects that came together under EpiXchange as well as leaders from patient and professional organisations (see below). Collectively, they have supervised over 250 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, contributing to over 2500 publications on the topic of mechanisms, treatment and biomarkers of epilepsy. Emphasising their excellence, the average H-index is over 50 and average over 13000 citations. Several are Directors of major national research centres (e.g. Henshall, FutureNeuro) and lead Task Forces under the auspices of the ILAE’s Commissions.

More info about epilepsy:

A series of four events will be run

EPI-cluster leadership

Cluster leadership
David C. Henshall, PhD



Basic/translational neuroscience

Mechanisms, treatment & biomarkers of

Coordinator, EpimiRNA
Renzo Guerrini, MD

Univ. Verona

Genetics of epilepsy

Epileptic encephalopathies

Coordinator, DESIRE
Sergiusz Jozwiak, MD

Univ. Warsaw

Clinical neurology/epileptologist (paediatrics)

Tuberous sclerosis complex

Coordinator, EPI-STOP
Merab Kokaia, PhD

Lund University

Basic/translational neuroscience

Gene therapy

Coordinator, EPI-TARGET
Asla Pitkanen, MD, PhD

U. E. Finland/Kuopio

Basic/translational neuroscience

Mechanisms, treatment & biomarkers of acquired epilepsy

Past-Secretary FENS, EPI-TARGET WP leader
Sanjay Sisodiya, MD, PhD

University College London

Clinical neurology/epileptologist

Genetics of epilepsy

Coordinator, Epi-PGX
Michele Simonato, MD

U. Ferrara/U. San Raf.

Basic/translational neuroscience

Mechanisms, treatment & biomarkers of epilepsy

Coordinator, EpiXchange IAPP
J. Helen Cross, MD, PhD

University College London/GOSH

Clinical neurology/epileptologist (paediatrics)

Patient treatment and epilepsy care

Coordinator, Epi-CARE, ILAE President-elect
Philippe Ryvlin, MD

U. Lausanne/CHUV

Clinical neurology/epileptologist (adult) ILAE Executive Europe, Lancet Commission

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