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The Human Brain Project (HBP) is building the European Brain ReseArch INfrastuctureS (EBRAINS) to help advance neuroscience, medicine and computing through six ICT service categories: NeuroinformaticsBrain SimulationHigh Performance Analytics and ComputingMedical InformaticsNeuromorphic Computing and NeuroroboticsBy providing EBRAINSHBP aims to contribute to an integrated understanding of the human brain and build up a community intended for both neuroscience and neuro-inspired research as well as a wide range of associated stakeholders within brain related diseases, pharmaceutical industries, ICT, robotics etc.  

The HBP infrastructure workshop is designed to achieve a better understanding of the wishes and needs of stakeholders, with a focus on patient associations and industries for being part of the EBRAINS community. 

This workshop will bring together stakeholders for a two-day workshop. The first day will be focused on introducing EBRAINS and services with presentations and knowledge sharing from a selected team of researchers from the HBP’s service categories. The second day will be focused on fascilitated discussions among participants, with a focus on better understanding how industry and patient associations might benefit and contribute to EBRAINS. 

The workshop will take place from the 9th to 10th of December 2019, in Brussels.

Full details, including agenda, speakers and registration can be found on the HBP website: here.