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The HBP Summit & Open Day will explore multiple dimensions of neuroscience, including infrastructure, research, technology, application, education, and innovation.

Following six very successful meetings in the central, northern, and western regions of Europe, for the first time the HBP Summit moves to the southeast end of the continent, expanding its geographic footprint to essentially cover all of Europe. A world-renowned scientific, economic, cultural, philosophical, and political landmark, with a continuous history of human presence and activity of more than 30 centuries, Athens offers an ideal environment to host the Summit of one the most ambitious and visionary Research Infrastructure projects in Europe today.

HBP is at a crossroads itself, entering its last phase of funding as a FET Flagship project and envisioning its long-term future as a landmark infrastructure in the ESFRI Roadmap. Athens is, thus, a fitting stage for fertile discussions, intense exchange of ideas, and bold new conceptions on the science, infrastructure, research, technology, application, education, and innovation dimensions of neuroscience in general and the Human Brain Project in particular.

More details on the event and registration can be found here: https://summit2020.humanbrainproject.eu/