The bi-annual Federation of European Neuroscience Society (FENS) Forum, the largest international neuroscience meeting in Europe, was held on 11-15 July 2020. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the FENS Forum was held entirely virtually, making it accessible from all over the world and giving access to all sessions, lectures, events and the exhibition hall up to three months afterwards.

In this context, EBRA held a virtual presentation on the topic of Promoting and enhancing collaboration in brain research on 13 July, highlighting the importance of creating partnerships within brain research. The event brought together members of the clusters of the project, giving them the chance to show their works to a wider audience and giving a deeper look in their goals and objectives.

The event was moderated by Frédéric Destrebecq, EBC Executive Director, and involved Dr Kristien Aarts, EBC Project Manager; Prof. David Henshall, EPI-CLUSTER; Prof. Ole Andreassen, PSMD CLUSTER; Mirko Manchia, PSMD CLUSTER; Suzanne Dickson, BRAINFOOD CLUSTER, and R.A.H. Adan, BRAINFOOD CLUSTER.